Women's Coaching Group

  • 20 hours of group calls
  • 1:1 session with Janne 
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Lessons/ Assignments
  • Community, Network + Support

*Limited to 10 badass women* The next program begins January 2020 


A note from Janne...

I love my women group so much—it has become one of the favourite parts of my business.  

I love it so much that I am doing it again.  

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this program—all I was sure of was that it is instinctively crucial right now that as women—we sit together.  

Many women are reclaiming their wild, their truth, their story and their narrative.  

We used to sit around in tribes, and communities and tell stories together.  

Our world has become widely individualized and within the beauty of women finding their independence and starting their own businesses—becoming entrepreneurs—I feel so many of us have become lone wolfs working till 2 AM behind our screens.  

We are craving connection. We are craving balance. We are craving wellness. We are craving that we can build our castles and not be alone.  

My first women group was 10 women from all walks and ages of life.  

Women who have owned successful companies for decades and women who are just beginning to discover how they will offer what makes them come alive. Everything has been applicable to everyone. Our first sessions started with focusing on the health and practices for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  

The basics we forget—how much are we sleeping? Are we drinking enough water? Are we eating regularly? Is our work fulfilling our spirits? Are we exercising? What beliefs are getting in the way of us receiving success and rest and balance and play? How are our boundaries with work? Are we checking emails at 2 AM? What needs to be delegated that is not in our zone of genius? What is our why?  

I was rocked to my core our first session with how powerful it is when women are brave enough to be really honest in front of one another.  

And how just one person standing in their truth on the call instantly transformed the dynamic from one teacher to 11.  

And how much more we are capable of learning when every woman shows up willing to do her work and be honest with herself and the rest of us. Everyone is learning not just from me—but from the stories being shared and each other.  

So often during my 1-1 coaching calls I am deeply moved by someone courage to hold space for a new part of themselves—the power of a woman doing this in the company of other women is the medicine we need.  

If you are feeling called to be held in your truth—not just by me, but other feminine with large enough hands to hold you—I want to know you. I want to sit with you.  

Applications are open for my next women group “Your Wellness is your Business” starting August 17th.  

We will be meeting every 2 weeks on Saturday for a 2.5 hour session for 4 months.  

In my first women group program calls were 90 minutes long—however I am feeling like we need more time.  

These sessions are essentially mini workshops that include sharing and sometimes me calling on someone on the group to be in the hot seat and work 1-1 with me. I have a lot of material to share and teach—but the other important thing is that there is time for the sharing between one another.  

I am also including a 60 minute session with me ($500 value) so that we can drop in together and I can provide individual support to you if something arises during the program.  

Additional 1-1 calls can also be booked if you require more 1-1 support during the duration of the program at an additional cost.  

This is a group program and not my individual coaching program—so I will be focusing on the collective needs as my primary intention—however, I understand that having me available in this capacity is important, too. This is also a newly added component from my first women group.  

You will also get homework every week that will include reading books, audiobooks, podcasts as well as interactive and written homework.  

There is also a private womens group on Facebook that you will be able to share, connect and post in with one another that I will monitor on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Times and dates for the programs will be confirmed once all applicants have been approved and accepted to accommodate international attendee’s the best we can.

Walk Tall,



The greatest thing I have learned about myself from working with Janne is that I am worthy and capable. I have known what I wanted for a long time but never believed in my own abilities enough to step into that truth. My negative inner monologue was horrifying. When Janne looked into my eyes and told me that not only was I worthy but that my writing was… it changed everything for me.  

-Lizz Beth Ashley

Working with Janne has given me permission to take up space, to put myself first, to say NO, and to set clear boundaries both in my personal and professional life. I feel more aligned than ever in my business, and a shift in mindset is not something to take lightly. Big things have been happening in my business and I know my time with Janne has played a huge role in that. 


Janne has the perfect mix of giving a schedule but also feeling when a subject or a person needs more time. She also has a way of telling the sometimes uncomfortable truth that honors the person, holds space and is empowering. I always leave the calls with a full heart. Most therapists I know open the wounds but leave you alone with no tools. Janne has clear boundaries and empowers us so we know we are capable of healing ourselves. Also the Facebook Group is great to feel connected and supported!


This program is for YOU if: ⁣ -You are an entrepreneur and have a business doing anything. Yes anything. You don’t need to be an artist. ⁣ ⁣ -You are in your first month of running your business and still have no idea what the fuck you are doing⁣. ⁣ -You are 5 years into running your business and are feeling tired and burnt out from throwing so much spaghetti on the walls and being your own boss.⁣ 

-You are an entrepreneur who is deeply craving more work-life balance and need some accountability on where your wellness is on your priority list⁣. ⁣ -You want to be around other women who are choosing themselves to build a life based in their truth . ⁣ -You aren’t totally sure what your lives-work is BUT you are in the discovery phase of looking at what your gifts are and what alivens you⁣. ⁣ -You are thriving and succeeding but are feeling lost, trapped, burnt out and unhappy in the business you built.⁣ ⁣ -You are qualified if you’re a female entrepreneur or want to be an entrepreneur and are looking to prioritize wellness as you build your empire.⁣

If you want:⁣  

-⁣Balance -A community of women⁣ -A better emotional relationship with wellness -Better time management -Better Boundaries -More time for yourself -A space to be supported both personally and professionally ⁣ -Even deeper alignment within your business⁣  

Then this program is for you.  


Women's Coaching Group

  •  20 hours of group calls
  •  1:1 Session w/ Janne ($500 value)
  •  Access to Private Facebook Group
  •  Weekly assignments including: books, podcasts, audiobooks + written and interactive homework
  •  Grow your network of badass women taking up space in our world

The next program starts August 17th and is limited to 10 participants. Cost: $4,000 or 2 payments of $2500 

*Please only apply if you are financially committed to joining us.* The next program begins January 2020.