Your Guide to Achieving Goals That Matter

3-Part Video Series + 1:1 Strategy session

  • Do you have lots of ideas but struggle to take action on them?
  • Are you feeling unfulfilled at work and craving more creativity, but not sure where to start?
  • Do you just want to do good things in the world while also feeling good, enjoying what you do, and spending more time outside with your dog?

I hear you. Let's get started.

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3 part video series + 1:1 strategy session for $149

"If you're looking for clarity, start here."

A note from Kelsey...

How often do you find yourself saying "I just want to do good stuff in the world, feel good, be creative, and hang out with my dog!".

It can feel so hard sometimes to have a positive impact while also working, taking care of the important people (and animals) in our lives...not to mention ourselves, AND being intentional about the future! But I believe setting meaningful goals and achieving them are how we create the future we want. So often though, we can't seem to close the gap between the goal we write down in that new planner and actually making it happen. Are you someone who wants to create more of a positive impact, a self-care routine that works, or launch the creative side-hustle? This is for you.

In this video series, I'll walk you through my favorite process that finally got me and lots of my clients from a place of daydreaming to intentional action. You'll get clarity on your goals, move through what has kept you stuck in the past, and design a plan of action to make your dreams a reality. Your dreams matter, and so does spending time with your dog. So let's start achieving your goals and taking big action to make your dreams happen. 

What's Included

  •  3 transformational videos
  •  A proven process for breaking through barriers keeping you stuck
  •  Tools for immediate action 
  •  1:1 Strategy session with Kelsey

Video 1:

Get Clear on your vision, where you want to put your focus, and what roadblocks you need to move past so you can take big action.

Video 2: 

Learn the three missing questions that will illuminate why you haven't been achieving goals in the past, and how to use them to see results.

Video 3: 

Choose the mindset that is going to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals and take continuous action.

This video guide is for YOU if: ⁣ - You are tired of setting goals you don't achieve. ⁣ -You don't understand why you have all these big dreams but aren't taking action on them. ⁣ - You are unwilling to spend another year in your current situation without doing anything about it.

-You are ready to do the work, move past old barriers, and achieve your biggest goals (and small ones too!) 

- You're ready to look around one year from now and say THANK YOU PAST ME for taking action!!!

3 part video series + 1:1 strategy session for $149


"This guide helped transform my goals from overwhelming ideas that felt really far away into totally doable action items well within my reach. I was a little nervous to join a video call for my strategy session but Kelsey created such a safe, welcoming atmosphere and we got vulnerable real quick! I walked away from this program feeling renewed, focused, and less alone. If you're looking for clarity, start here." - Eve T. 

"Goal planning is not easy and can often feel like a daunting task every year, but Kelsey broke it down into several simple steps, providing me with clear and attainable 2020 goals. These goals aren't just your typical "new year, new you" goals, but they truly personalized to a deeper meaning of your true self and where you aspire to be in your life. I left with a new perceptive of what is authentic to me, a huge genuine smile, and, most importantly, filled with inspiration and gratitude for Kelsey's gift of helping me and a the community be their best authentic self. Kelsey has a way of creating a warm and welcoming environment, allowing me to truly open up and discover a deeper meaning of myself." - Megan B.  

3 part video series + 1:1 strategy session for $149